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White Leather Furniture and curtains?

Question by RC: White Leather Furniture and curtains?
Just purchased townhouse. The living room and dining area are in the same large space. The dining room is black lacquer with chandelier above table. L/R has black baby grand piano, white leather furniture and to the left of the sofa is a glass encased waterfall. What curtain color scheme would go best? Walls are white.

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Answer by Scarlett
I own an interior design/home remodeling business in West Virginia, and all too often I find myself putting together a design for a client that I am not personally excited about. Your room, on the other hand, is exactly what I love to work with! I highly recommend that your curtains be white. This room should be white, white, and more white with black and metallic accents. To keep the mostly white design interesting, focus on textures and embellishments to add warm, classy details. I'd love to see you use a rug like this one under the piano:

If you want to go a little more tailored and contemporary, go with an area rug more like this one:

Choose white curtains that have the style and feel you want in your room. Keep the curtains simple yet dramatic. Here are some beautiful sheer white curtains that I think would be great:

Or if you want to heighten the drama and luxury further, choose a rich, weighty curtain like this one:

There are several versions on that last like with different tone on tone patterns in the material. If you just aren't sold on using that much white, or you really want your window treatments to be a focal point, choose curtains in a gold hue or maybe even a rich shade of lustrous brown (browse the last link to see some great alternative colors).

Answering your question has me all inspired to start the same idea for my own home remodel. I think I'm going to have to pair that big faux fur area rug with a version of those taffeta curtains. I also remember seeing some great white modern sculpture recently that would be perfect...looks like I'm off to shop the Internet!

Hope this helps!

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