Sunday, August 7, 2011

I have dark brown furniture in my living room. Would light green walls (think sage) & dark brown carpet go?

Question by Alicia: I have darkish brown furniture in my dwelling room. Would light green partitions (consider sage) & darkish brown carpet go?

I have a chocolate coloured leather sofa and a dark cherry dining table. I would like to create some color by painting the white partitions in my dwelling area to a light sage green shade. My only problem is what color carpet to choose. Because I previously have a brown furniture, would brown carpet be as well dim? I have a toddler, so light shades like cream or beige are not an selection. And I would prefer carpet more than a wood floor for his sake. Many thanks for any suggestions!

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Reply by Rose S
Green walls would be excellent, but even now, with the toddler you'll have to observe him. I do consider that brown carpet would be also dim. Possibly a delighted medium amongst tan and darkish brown?

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