Sunday, August 14, 2011

What is the easiest way to refinish furniture?

Question by rutabaga: What is the easiest way to refinish furniture?
I bought new furniture appx. 6 years ago and it has been all but destroyed by my lovely children. Anyhow I am not a crafty or handy person, so I need to find out what would be the most straightforward way to refinish my cherry wood coffee table and dining room table? Any tips would be appreciated!

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Answer by Brutally Honest
I'd recommend starting at the library or any home supply/building store. Look for a book series by Sunset or Home & Garden; they have how-to books on EVERYTHING.

Be warned: Furniture refinishing is not cheap, easy or quick. It takes a lot of work & patience. It may be that after you have done some research, you might find it easier to hire a local handyman to do it for you.

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