Sunday, August 14, 2011

What is the best brand of interior house paint in your opinion?

Question by Ricknows: What is the best brand of interior house paint in your opinion?
give a reason for your choice too please...
I am looking for good quality paints, not anything home depot or lowes.....they arent even worthy of mentioning.....thanks to those who didnt mention them.....

ps-I'm a painting contractor, just to let you all know
java..just so you know, I wasnt asking advice with this question...I was curious to see what others (maybe not contractors) thought "good" paint's an innocent question

Best answer:

Answer by damsel36
The very best is Martin Senour Paints. It goes on smoothly, covers well.

The difference in their oil paint and others is that others oil paints are like painting with water, this is more like painting with whipped cream. It covers so well.

They make about 4 different levels of paint. The very best grade is not always my first choice, the grade of paint called Bright Life is very good. My choice for walls is eggshell finish, it goes on well and looks like velvet once up. It also cleans up well with water.

As I said before I prefer an Alkyd base for trim. I think it is how it holds up in the long run, not the fact it is hard to clean the brushes while putting it on that is the most important factor.

They also have an awesome line of paints called Tough Coat, that are good for inside and outside painting.

The color line is absolutely one of the most diverse I have seen out there. Great selection of colors.

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