Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What color should I paint my Dining Room?

Question by Nicole: What color should I paint my Dining Room?
My boyfriend just re-did our dining room with can lights and sheet rocked the walls. We haven't decided if we are painting the room all one color or not because we also are into two toning it with trim splitting the top and bottom of the two-tone. One problem: I can't decide or find colors that would go with the chimney that resides in the corner of the room. It is the chimney that was built with the house in 1915, it looks like a regular chimney...the fireplace part goes into the basement. So, just in the corner I have the brick chimney going from the floor up through the ceiling. Do you think the chimney would clash with the color of paint that would be used? Also, what colors would you use. (I kind of want the paint color to go with the chimney or at least look good with it) Thank you :) & Sorry this is so long!

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Answer by isabella.K
dusted damson or muddy puddle or mud hut which you can tone with desert light (names from dulux so you might find similar colors if you are planning to use other products)

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