Tuesday, August 9, 2011

we have just bought a modern red leather sofa and a black fabric chair but can't decide what colour to paint?

Problem by lisa caroline: we have just bought a modern day red leather sofa and a black material chair but can't make a decision what color to paint?
our woodwork is all white and our fireplace is black granite. any suggestions for the walls??

Best answer:

Response by Ant Boni
Go with a comfortable grey. Decide on up a number of red & black toss pillows for the chairs. Do black & white or black & grey pillows on the sofa.Include a cuddly white toss to 1 corner of the sofa.
With the Xmas holidays just sround the corner (and your family celebrates Xmas, You may well take into account some festive pillows that you can use year soon after year!

Have you selected artwork? Stay with black & white on the grey walls. An exciting black wrought iron work abve the fireplace would seem terrific. Othe equipment? Shining silver!

What do you feel? Response below!

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