Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What are some subtle ways to show patriotism in decorating your home?

Problem by Tim D: What are some delicate methods to exhibit patriotism in decorating your property?
We have a visitor coming to our residence who recently returned from military deployment in Afghanistan. We'd like to create a few decorations to our house to exhibit our patriotism, but devoid of going above the top rated. Of training course, the obvious response is to display the American flag. Any other concepts? We want him to have a warm, welcome feeling in our residence.

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Answer by Lauren
Hi there Tim,
The solution as you say is obvious to show the American Flag, but also you might contemplate getting a reproduction Antique American Flag. I would also suggest a huge sizeable figure of the American Eagle to show on a Desk or Fireplace Mantel. Displaying a framed reproduction of the Constitution yet another thought :o) Create some scented candles in your residence of warm woodsy / vanilla notes for the senses as properly .

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