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Q&A: Carnival Cruise wear--suggestions?

Issue by sue from vancouver: Carnival Cruise have on--tips?
Have you been on a Carnival cruise? I know you are suppose to gown up for the dining area dinners. But how dressed up is that? I know there is a Carnival cruise FAQ, but I discovered it a bit vague. I am attempting to get views from people who have cruised recently...

How about "regular" use for the relaxation of the cruise? And what about the buffet "casual" dinners? Is it a bit of a fashion demonstrate on the boat? I am trying to make a decision what to pack. Any other guidelines would be wonderful!

Btw, we are in our early 30's and are not generally quite dressy...so I would desire to not overpack and have to run the gamute.

Also, have you at any time been turned absent from the dining area or any other portion of the boat for not being dressed up sufficient?

Many thanks so a lot for your encounters!

Very best response:

Solution by SUNRISE
Casual Use

This is exactly what it implies—clothing to be comfortable in. Your options for the day will dictate what you should wear. For warm climate cruises you'll usually require swimwear, a cover-up, and sandals for pool and seaside. Time invested ashore touring and shopping calls for shorts topped with tee shirts or polo-fashion shirts and comfy walking sneakers. Conservative is a rule to stay by and mix-and-match will help save area in your suitcase. If you strategy to purchase souvenir tee shirts, make them a element of your cruise wardrobe and pack fewer tops.

Evening casual does not mean shorts. For males it is Dockers-form slacks and nice polo or sport shirts. Ladies' outfits will be sporty attire, skirts and tops, or pants outfits. By sticking to two colours and a couple of add-ons, you can mix up tops and bottoms for a diverse appear every single night time.

The first and last nights onboard are constantly informal for apparent reasons—you might not have your baggage before dinner that 1st evening and you have previously packed for property on the last evening. A term about jeans... personally, I detest them but many people take into account them casual put on. Some cruise lines discourage them in the dining room. Use your own judgment and keep in head, denim is hot—you may well want to have on a lighter fabric.


This one's a small trickier—it only applies to evening and can imply distinct things, relying on the cruise line. Informal for ladies is a dressier dress or pants outfit and for males it always contains a sport coat. Usually, but not constantly, it also indicates a tie for him. Examine your paperwork meticulously.


Formal night time is a fantasy time for girls and torture for males... from the sounds of male grievances, that is. This is your evening to shine and you may see girls in everything from easy cocktail attire to elaborate glittering gowns. Tuxedoes (possibly all black or with white dinner jacket) or darkish suits are needed for gentlemen.

Know much better? Go away your individual response in the feedback!

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