Thursday, August 11, 2011

How can I keep my cat off of the furniture and get rid of her fleas?

Question by Peachy Eager, Jelly Bean: How can I preserve my cat off of the furnishings and get rid of her fleas?
My cat, Odie, is entire of electricity and enjoys to climb on the home furniture in my apartment. It wouldn't bother me, besides the furnishings is leather and cost $ 3000 (I did not choose it out, my boyfriend did). We acquired her declawed in the front but people back again claws nonetheless leave some nasty marks. We just obtained a dining place table and she thinks it is her new playground. We've kept her off rather well by laying scotch tape upside down on the table and chairs so if she does leap on the table she gets tape on her paws. Nonetheless, she still jumps on the leather sofa and love seat. A spray bottle would not support due to the fact ample harm's arrive to the leather and I would not want to cause more by acquiring it wet everytime she jumps onto it. We cannot put upside down scotch tape on it due to the fact, nicely, we require someplace to sit! We have experimented with popping and saying no. What are some other ways?
And her flea problem is horrible. How can we get all the fleas off of her and out of our apartment? (We have tried using Dawn dishwashing soap)
I really like my Odie and refuse to get rid of her!
Dipping for fleas is outlawed around right here. I do not know why and, for some cause, even vets won't tell me. I tried using frontline but it did not perform as well as I'd hoped.

And as for men and women who want to be jerks, I DO bathe my cat, the moment a week as a make a difference of truth. Your comment was uncalled for. You get more than it.

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Response by mspurple
Get rid of the cat!

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