Thursday, August 11, 2011

Help with picking carpet and paint colors to match sofa!?

Query by rld1986: Help with finding carpet and paint hues to match sofa!?
I just bought a beige coloured leather sofa and chairs. I have a modest, rather dark loved ones space that now has light gray carpet. It is eighteen a long time old and stained, so it is currently being replaced. The rest of my home also has this shade carpet.
I need a carpet color that is neutral, that will coordinate with the light gray in the remaining rooms. I also need to have a color that is great with stains. I have two canines, 2 cats and a 16 calendar year aged son. So, a light coloration is not an choice. But I will not want as well dark, because of to the lack of light in the room.
Right now I am searching at beige carpets with slight color flecks in them. Is this the best colour option for beige sofa, staying with a neutral shade?
My other Huge question if I do go with a beige toned carpet....what coloration do I do the walls? I experience I need to have SOME type of color or at minimum contrast. My husband is a "white walls" kinda man, so nothing too remarkable.
ANY and ALL answers would be appreciated!

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Reply by Kimberly S
Never go with beige carpet, also significantly with the beige furnishings. I would go with a deep marroon carpet, and light beige or light tan partitions. Then for windows I would purchase beige and marroon striped curtains. Just my taste. I think that would look great.

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