Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chair Rail in Alcove?

Question by Peggy: Chair Rail in Alcove?
We are in the process of building a house and in my dining room, there is a little alcove (set back) that I will probably put a buffet table in. I am planning to paint the walls in my Dining Room a golden color but want to accent the "alcove" with a wine color. We are planning to put a chair railing around the room and "think" we need to continue it in the alcove.

The question is if we do run the crown molding in this area, too, do we paint it the trim color (off white) or do we paint the chair railing the same as the "accent" color (wine)? Thanks for your help. (hope this isn't too confusing)
Thanks, Cuthberta! We are planning to match the chair rail with the "trim" (off white) so would we still paint the chair rail in the alcove the off white?

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Answer by cuthberta
I think you definately have to continue the rail into the alcove and should probably paint the rail in the recess the golden colour of the rest of the room.

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