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Carnival Paradise 12/17/07 4-Day ~ Basic Questions (Newbie)?

Question by vidmanba78: Carnival Paradise 12/17/07 4-Day ~ Basic Questions (Newbie)?
First Time Cruiser on Carnival Paradise on 12/17/07, departing from Long Beach, stops to Catalina Island and Ensenada.

1. Anybody going on this specific cruise?
2. Are all food free? Including the formal-dining food?
3. For the dining room, do I have to wear a tie?
4. Which types of beverage are free?
5. How does the buffet work? Do I walk in, get my food, and dine on any table? Or do I need to be waited by a server?
6. Where do I get the entire schedule for music and entertainment?
7. Do I need to dress up for the theater show?
8. Any specific things I should look out for?
9. Recommended excursions?

A cruise-boat seems like it has their own little world. I don't know anything and not sure what to expect... Help! =)

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Answer by dolphin_mama831
1. I haven't been on this particular ship but have been on this cruise itinerary many times.
2. Not all the food is free. There seems to be a few restaurants on board that may cost. If they do, it will be clearly stated in your Carnival Capers (the daily paper).
3. You only need a tie on Formal night. Otherwise a nice casual shirt will work (no t-shirts).
4. Coffee, tea, juices and fruit punch are free.
5. Just how you thought. Get your food, find a table. The wait staff will come around to clear plates and see if you need a refill.
6. Every evening you will receive a copy of the Carnival Capers. It lists everything you need to know for the next day. There will be a copy waiting for you on your bed when you embark.
7. You only need to dress up if you wish to. I used to dress down before going to the show on formal night.
8. Specific things to look for... if you decide on a shore excursion book it on line before you board. If you don't make sure to do it first thing when you embark. Your ticket probably says embarkation starts at 1pm. Truth is, you can check in around 10 am and get a boarding number. If you don't check in early then wait until about 1/1/2 before sailing. This way, you will avoid the long lines (this used to be my job, trust me). The on board photographer can get annoying but just go with it. Just because he takes your picture, you're not obligated to buy them so just have fun.
9. Don't waste your money on excursions on Catalina. Take a walk along the waterfront and do some shopping. Stop at the Casino and check it out. At the pier where the tender lands, there are gum ball machines( to the left on the pier) with fish food in them. Bring quarters and feed the fish off the dock. In Ensenada, take the wine tour. You can get some really good olive oil. After the tour, spend some time in town. Make sure to visit Papas and Beer. There's a little cantina at the other end of town (green plastic table and chairs out front), they have 2 for 1 margaritas. If you want vanilla, go to the supermarket around the corner. It's cheaper then buying it in the tourist places on the main drag. If you're going to be drinking, make sure you buy a bus ticket back to the ship. Then you only have to stumble to the bus stop instead of the 5 or 6 blocks back to the ship. lol! The bargins in Ensenada are, vanilla, the olive oil from the winery and Kahlua. It's like $ 8.00 for the liter bottle.

Hope this helps.

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