Thursday, August 4, 2011

Would you paint your house white to help fight global warming?

Problem by Meadow F: Would you paint your property white to support battle world-wide warming?
The Instances (of London) is reporting that Prof. Chu (President Obama's power secretary) has argued that all creating and sidewalks across the globe need to be painted white to help reflect the suns rays and neat the earth. (hyperlink to tale: kingdom/tol/information/atmosphere/article6366639.ece )

My problem is, will you be painting your home and sidewalk white to assist in the battle versus global warming? Or do you think it is a silly notion?
Edit -

The write-up goes on to say that they are considering generating it the regulation: " I think you really should regulate," Professor Chu said."

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Reply by Rob
I predict the creation of a new Paint Czar. They will have Division of Creating Painting offices in each city. If you want to paint your home, you will have to go utilize for a allow, and be certain that you use a federal government accredited coloration. They will also track who won't paint their home, and you will experience large fines if you fall short to do so in a timely manner.

They will also need to have to make paint manufactures get all their paints licensed and confirm that they meet correct albedo standards. There will be a hefty tax put on paint and siding to assist pay out for this, and of course there will have to be subsidies for people who can not afford to acquire their ow paint. Perhaps they could do a dollars for shacks plan and tear down black and dim blue houses.

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