Sunday, August 14, 2011

When you are house shopping?

Question by hyr: When you are house shopping?
Some real estate agents (and all the tv shows) say home staging is necessary to sell a home. That's where only the minimum items are kept and towels are folded into perfect piles in the closets.

Some agents say that as long as the home is neat and clean, that you still need to live there and keep the items you need, that people can see around this.

Of course option #1 is ideal, but I have 2 babies and a big dog and a husband that plays hockey (large stinky equipment bag) and I am not sure how to manage staging my home to sell.

If it's necessary to get rid of the toys in the finished basement I will, but if they are neatly shelved and lined up against the wall, does that bother you? Does it bother you to see a clean high chair in the corner of the dining room? Does it bother you to see an exersaucer tucked under the buffet? Does it bother you when things are babyproofed, like seeing an open stair gate?

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Answer by Lee
It would not bother me....what bothers me is messy and under matained.

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