Sunday, August 14, 2011

What is it like renting a room?

Question by Brandon B: What is it like renting a place?
I am relocating away for my 1st "True" occupation with the federal government and the area of the country I will be living in (D.C) is very high-priced. I am seeking into possibly renting a space out of a residence but I am not also positive of how the process works. Is it greater to rent a room were absolutely everyone in the property is closer to my age/occupation? 23/banker btw. Or should I lease from a family with a spare bedroom?
What have your encounters been like? Feel an appt is greater?

Finest solution:

Solution by im afraid
apartment...because if you hire it
then they will notify you you cant have ppl more than, or somethung,

What do you consider? Reply down below!

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