Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plumbing Van, used for moving furniture - how to clean?

Question by PiersUK: Plumbing Van, used for moving home furniture - how to thoroughly clean?
I used a close friends van previously to shift some furnishings (Futon couch, dining table, vacuum, clothes horse and some other stuff.

Because the van has been utilized for plumbing (which includes unblocking drains and shifting previous toilets) how really should I clean everything that was within it? I dont genuinely want to sit on a sofa (the futon) that has drain or toilet on it :(

How about cleaning the substance component of the futon? It cant be machine cleaned.

Finest solution:

Answer by Rob G
Use 1 of these steam vacs with a furniture attachment, or rent a furnishings steam cleaner.

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