Monday, August 1, 2011

Need ideas for decorating my home entrance?

Question by Addy: Need ideas for decorating my home entrance?
Hi. I need to redecorate an area right in front of my home's main entrance, which is actually the back side of the stairs to the second floor. (My finances are not so good lately so I have to do it myself.) Its an "L"-shaped area that used to have a fountain surrounded by artificial plants and river rocks. It was getting old and ugly and I took everything out, because it is the first thing you see when you come into my house. I need something that does not need or is low maintenance. Any ideas or sites that I could visit are welcome. Thanks.

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Answer by jennalynn0369
Try and get some kind of bench, put on one of the long walls and then buy an artificail tree, sometimes you can find these at second hand shops, and get some xmas lights or outside lights and decorate the tree with these lights and make it simple. Or you could get a second hand desk and redo it and make like a little place for your bills and keys stuff like that, or you could put a chaise lounge out ther with a little table with a cute lamp and have it a reading space with candles or whatever.

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