Friday, August 5, 2011

Issue with light switch in kitchen vs in dining room?

Issue by Aaron G: Issue with light switch in kitchen vs in dining area?
So I acquired my property final month and I was noticing that the mild switch in the kitchen area that turns on my recessed lighting is ineffective (isn't going to function) unless I have the mild switch ON that is in the dining space. If I turn that eating place change ON, then I can go in the kitchen and flip the kitchen area recessed lighting ON and OFF at will. Does anybody have any idea what the reason could be? Is it mis-wired? Is this intentional? Is it a faulty switch causing some problem? I have no notion.
Neils, if that is the scenario, is this a thing that a certified electrician could possibly fix in much less than one-2 several hours with out eliminating drywall and these? Of course it may be challenging to even say as you do not have understanding of how my house is wired, and so forth. I am just curious what you may possibly guess... Many thanks

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Reply by Neils
I'm gfuessing that whom ever did the wiring for the kitchen recessed lighting, just tapped into the active wiring in the ceiling from the eating space. However it is hooked up following the switch (it should be hooked up ahead of the swap). It is not essentially improper, but certainly not the smartest way to do it.

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