Friday, July 1, 2011

I need help locating the aluminum hockey puck looking hardware pieces a glass table top is fastened to?

Question by Simon: I need support locating the aluminum hockey puck searching hardware items a glass table top is fastened to?
To be a lot more specific, this is not the 'standoff' that would be drilled thru the glass as if it had been vertical. This is for a dining table (laid horizontal) and will not likely have any part of the hardware protruding by means of the best surface area of the glass.

In all the furnishings merchants, the glass table best is secured to some sort of aluminum or steel hardware. This is what I am possessing an difficult time locating, or even knowing what it's referred to as.

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Solution by Tony B
I know what you are talking about. I would go to a retailer that sells furnishings that has this aspect that you are seeking for. See if somebody at the retailer can get a maintain of the business that can make it to get substitute elements. Or else get the name of the business off of the facet of the box and search them up by yourself.

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