Sunday, July 17, 2011

What is the country video where a man is singing (seeming dead) while wife watchs home movies?

Problem by mariemundell: What is the country video where a guy is singing (seeming dead) even though wife watchs residence videos?
its a place video clip and the wife is sitting on the couch, and at 1st you consider the man singing is singing to her and she is upset, but as the video clip goes on, you recognize that she is watching home video clips and crying since (it seems) as if he is lifeless. Video will take place, like in a residing space and him sitting on a chair
thank you!!! it is "I pass up my good friend"

Many thanks once again

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Remedy by Joannakathryn
It's been a prolonged time given that I've see it, but could it be "Top rated of the Globe" by the Dixie Chicks?

He's hunting down with regret, due to the fact he naturally was not a quite great man or woman throughout his lifestyle.

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