Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is it something to be ashamed of if you're painting your own house (as opposed to hiring a professional)?

Issue by Sanny: Is it some thing to be ashamed of if you might be painting your individual residence (as opposed to selecting a professional)?
Nicely we decided to paint our living place and kitchen area ourselves, partly due to the fact it is sort of entertaining (at least for me) and partly in purchase to conserve income.
But my mom is ashamed to admit to her CLOSEST close friends that we're carrying out it ourselves. I advised her there's nothing to be ashamed of, and she replied that she does not want folks to 'talk about her'.
Now, we aren't a bunch of previous misers or anything. We're pretty standard folks! Why would she have these kinds of a intricate? It can be beyond me!
And nowadays, she asked me whether I advised my buddies about it, and that I ought to lie and say we hired somebody...
I mean, wtf?!?
If my pals assumed much less of me because of these a silly cause, I wouldn't even want to hang all around with them!
How can I help her modify the way she thinks?
OR am I in the wrong right here?

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Reply by Russell B
I personally come to feel a sense of accomplishment painting a residence. I never ever had a home of my individual, but even if I did, I absolutely would not feel ashamed about painting it myself. I believe employing somebody else to do it would be a lot more shameful than nearly anything else.

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