Sunday, July 31, 2011

Does anyone know anything about my furniture?

Question by Nick: Does anybody know anything at all about my home furniture?
I was given several pieces of furniture and would enjoy to know a lot more about them. All i know is that is was bought among 1975-1980 and that it was probably hand carved and painted. If everyone has data these as maker, origin, approx value etc. it would be greatly appreciated. I am attaching photos of the eating place arranged which includes table (leading and bottom) chair, hutch and buffet. I also have a comprehensive residing place and bed room arranged produced with the identical workmanship.

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Solution by pissy_old_lady
My greatest suggestion would be to get down beneath the table and chairs and search for the maker's identify or marking..if they are performed by notable home furniture makers, there ought to be a marking of some kind...if there is not any info stamped wherever, then consider your pics to a local antique store..they can give you info there, or at least give you a title of a good appraiser who can give you more information. If they are really worth a great deal of income, then you need to have them properly appraised and add added residence insurance on them.

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