Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ceiling pendant light not centered?

Problem by C0TintheACT!: Ceiling pendant light not centered?
My lower ceiling fixture is not centered in the dining place and is in the direction of the stop of the table. We preserve bumping our heads on it when we open the buffet. I do like it reduced when we are consuming. But any remedy for centering it or obtaining another kind of fixture that does not require a new hole to be manufactured in the ceiling?

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Reply by stretch
You could extend the electrical wires that come out of the ceiling and thread it via a chain. It will give it the visual appeal of a swag mild. Then decide wherever you want the lamp to hang from on the ceiling and screw in a hook. Attach the extended "chain wire" and hook it to the new place. then it will hang down straight from the point you set up. Make certain you are fairly exact on your duration of extension wire/chain and you can give it a loop so that it seems to be like a s3wag lamp hanging down.

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