Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is it okay to paint before the state lead team comes to check your house for lead?

Problem by perfectsp89: Is it okay to paint prior to the state lead staff comes to verify your residence for lead?
My daughter is 2 decades previous and her blood assessments arrived back again 2 times with a consequence of substantial lead amounts. The initial time it was 27 and the second was 23. We had been preparing on painting the property but absolutely everyone is telling me not to paint before the lead staff shows up or i can be fined for it. what need to i do? plz support
i am worried about my daughter but i also will not want to be fined excessively for this that is y i am asking

Very best remedy:

Remedy by Jordan
Painting won't do any great due to the fact they check the paint appropriate down to the bare drywall, plaster, or wooden. If you're renting, you may possibly need to have to depart and discover one more spot constructed soon after 1978. If you personal the property, you might need to have a carpenter eliminate all the drywall/plaster in the house and set up all new partitions/ceilings.

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