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Ideas for a Big Family at Thanksgiving?

Query by Mildly Me: Concepts for a Big Family at Thanksgiving?
I have a huge household and would adore to have every person with each other for a Thanksgiving dinner. We have most likely 15-twenty adults and 6-eight children (based on who reveals up) My husband and I are searching forward to cooking and all the preparations. We get pleasure from hosting events.

My husband and I typically host buffet meals when we have big teams, since our dining area is not genuinely huge! So individuals get plates and eat in the kitchen, dining place or dwelling room!

My Mother would genuinely really like to have a sit down meal, wherever every person eats together. Which actually isnt possible in my eating area! We can do no far more than 8 in there comfortably! She's suggested I apparent my living place of all furniture and use sawhorses and plywood to create a enormous table!

I took dont like the notion of possessing everyone consume individually at Thanksgiving, but the thought of rearranging my house seems very laborious and - properly, like not significantly enjoyable!

Any person have any tips or thoughts. Ought to I just bite the bullet and toss some tables together! Or throw custom to the wind and do buffet?

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Reply by NOBAMA 2008!
I would propose thinkming about what is possible at 1st. DO you have a basement? When we generally have parties, we usually set up a table in the basement and we have a massive buffet factor likely on down there. How laborious would it be to transfer tables about for you?

Even greater. Why not just move the stuff out of the residing room and rent a table from a Hire a Middle or some thing. In that way, there wont be a need for creating and whatnot.

God bless, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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