Saturday, July 30, 2011

how do you make decorative shutters not look country?

Query by Marchell Maurer: how do you make ornamental shutters not look place?
I have just moved and the dwelling space has a country sense to it. I'm not place by far. the one particular wall has fake shutters hanging up on the wall. I have previously thought about taking them down but, there is wood panelling on the wall with wall paper and behind the shutters is just the wood wall. so a lot more or much less I cant get em down woth out alot of pressure and I'm not loking for that. any ideas on how I could maybe paint them so it would appear nice but not so a lot region ?

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Remedy by XTX
=== is it probable to put up some artwork or mirrors in area of these shutters ..... or how about covering the wall with fabric ... that will give it classic search and get rid of the nation -- not that .. then go to the hardware giants and get then to minimize some paneling that matches and cover the holes and toss the shutters.............

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