Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is a white sofa cool for apartment ?

Question by karen: Is a white sofa cool for apartment ?
I'm relocating out of my parents house in spring and they believe my apartment is gonna appear like crap .( i'm not from a close knit household) That exhibits to you they will not have faith in me.I wished to buy a white lounge sofa. Is it outdated ? I've purchased black fake leather pillows. Is it tacky ?

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Answer by Bill F
White will be very tough to preserve clear and boy would they have one thing to say if they came to your apartment and discovered stains on your sofa. Your first sofa should almost certainly be in leather or leather look vinyl. Micro fiber also retains up well. Your black pillows will go with almost any coloration, but they might be too stark in opposition to white until your taste is ultra-modern. Grey, black or maroon are good hues that will go with virtually any decor. Any way cease caring about what your parents will believe about how your apartment seems. The most critical consider is how comfortable you are with how it looks. Good luck on this new adventure into your existence.

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