Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I am looking for a pair of curtains from last years country curtains catalog. silky floral, pointed valances.?

Question by abby: I am searching for a pair of curtains from very last years country curtains catalog. silky floral, pointed valances.?
the cloth has a natural wrinkled appearance, an off white background with reddish flowers that have extended stems. there are also tans, browns, pale yellow and olive greens making up an assortment of other flowers stems and leafs. The valances are separate triangles with a cream colour tassel hanging off of every level. I think I bought them very last 12 months but it could have been the year before. I am relocating into a new residence exactly where the residing room has an additional window. I know I could get new curtains but I just love these and would really like to locate one more pair.

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Answer by Michele T
If you even now have the receipt or packaging and there is an item amount, you could try calling them and see if they have any stock left. Ebay's also a great resource for this type of factor. Use the advanced lookup characteristic and you can set it up for you to be notified every single time an item's listed that matches your description. You could discover something correct away, or at times you may possibly have to wait a few of months (I've seasoned something comparable to this).

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