Friday, July 29, 2011

Q&A: Where to put guest table for Thanksgiving?

Query by JF: Where to put guest table for Thanksgiving?
I am acquiring sixteen people at my house for Thanksgiving lunch. I do not have a eating place. I will be serving meals in a buffet line in the cooking area. I can only seat about 11 men and women at tables in the kitchen area. Exactly where is the finest location to set up an additional visitor table, in the dwelling space next to the cooking area or in the loft region upstairs. There is far more space in the loft location and I could arranged up a consume table & side dish table upstairs so that the only point visitors have to have upstairs is their prepared foods plate. Really should I designate who sits at the separate table? If so, I could designate the separate table as the children table (range in age from 7-12), or I could designate if for the younger grownups, or ought to I not designate and let everyone sit exactly where they want? I really feel unpleasant separating the group.

Best remedy:

Answer by Tyler
It is a negative thought to carry foods upstairs. Arranged up the dwelling place for the grown ups so the youngsters and youthful individuals can be in the kitchen area where their messes are less difficult to clean up.

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