Thursday, July 28, 2011

Q&A: How can I remove grease and smoke buildup from a 50 year old wood dining table and chairs?

Problem by Mary W: How can I remove grease and smoke buildup from a 50 yr old wooden dining table and chairs?
My husband and I have been given an antique wood dining table with 4 chairs from his grandmother, a Large smoker. She is 60+ and has smoked given that she was 18 and has had the table since she was 20.. I attempted employing Murphy's oil soap and scorching water, and I cleaned the table and chairs Twice with a rag with a scrubber all around it.. the water turned black each and every time. I rinsed with sizzling water, and the water nevertheless turned black. When I rinsed the furniture, there was a white movie and yellow gunk coming off the chairs.. and they have been Nevertheless sticky and yucky.. how can I thoroughly clean them without having harming the wooden? Make sure you hurry, we'd truly adore to be capable to use them in our dining room, but won't be able to stand sticking to a chair, and leaving fuzz from our clothes on a grimy chair.

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Reply by knockyourteethout
Consider Naptha. It is the very same point as lighter fluid. It really is offered in hardware shop paint departments. The Cable Ace successful "Furnishings Guys" Joe Larario and Ed Feldman used it to clear antiques.

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