Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wondering who the manufacturer is of dining room suite?

Question by blondie-princess: Wondering who the maker is of dining space suite?
Is there any way I can locate out who the company is of my older dining space table & hutch? I've looked for a tag on the furnishings alone, like under the table, underneath the chairs, inside of the hutch and can't locate something. I was not confident if there is a internet site that may possibly help me uncover who the company was? It's an older arranged that I'm wanting to try & resell so I needed to know the maker.. Thanks for your support!! :)

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Answer by raichael13
at times if you appear closely on the hinges or any other metal part (the leg connection, door handles and so forth) you can discover an item amount. These are distinct to makers. If you form it into Google you May be capable to come up with exactly who created it. Good Luck!

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