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What type of paint should I use to cover a dining table?

Question by pas.idee: What type of paint ought to I use to cover a eating table?
I have a tiny dining table and two chairs that I would like to paint. They are pine with a quite light lacquer covering them. I'd like to be in a position to paint them solid white, and then paint the design I have in mind on top. I am asking yourself if anyone knows the greatest sort of paint that I can use for this. I'd like the paint to be as odour-totally free as probable, considering that the furniture will be inside, and also relatively secure as I will be eating at this table. I'm also questioning about what to place on as a finishing coat to make certain that the paint will not chip or be scuffed.

Any suggestions? Many thanks!

Finest answer:

Answer by TRM
Latex paint would be the very best to use, minimum odor and it sticks greater and holds up greater, than oil based paints. you can use an oil based mostly paint for your design and style - but as soon as you happen to be completed, you will want to apply several coats of varnish (at first smells negative, be certain you use in a well ventilated region), be individual with the varnish creating positive that it dries fully amongst coats, and for the finest end result, lightly sand the varnish in in between coats too.

I have a gorgeous solid Oak table and chairs that has been in the family members for a long time, that has a varnish complete that lasts, and lasts.

Excellent Luck!

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