Friday, July 15, 2011

Q&A: how to make an old dining room hutch look new??

Problem by Annie: how to make an old dining place hutch seem new??
My eating area hutch is previous, stained and knicked. How do I paint or refinish it to make it appear new?
It is a mild pine colour (completed currently). I've had it for 9 many years and the youngsters have beaten it up pretty negative. I want to either stain it, paint it or refinish it to make it seem new when we move into our new home subsequent month. But I will not know where to begin or how labor intensive this will be. Guidance recognize!!

Greatest remedy:

Answer by TimWarneka
Tough to notify devoid of searching at it.

Is it a valuable piece or is it just a House Depot/Ikea-like particle-board hutch?

If it really is sealed with a polyurethane complete (a shiny, plastic-like coating), you will have to strip and sand it ahead of you restain it and reseal it.

Finest greatest is almost certainly to paint it. Acquire a great primer, and put a few coats on it. Then choose a very good colour and paint it. Could want several coats.

Excellent luck!

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