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What is the difference between morning room and drawing room? Thanks?

Problem by ssliao728: What is the distinction amongst morning place and drawing area? Thanks?
Hi there, I am from Taiwan and I am looking at an English novel talking about Edwardian way of life. The characters reside in a place manor, and they have a morning room, a drawing space, a dinning place, and tons of servants.

I surfed on line, some folks say that it is unuasual for individuals to have afternoon tea in the early morning space, they say it is generally for routines in the morning, soon after that, people have their activities in the drawing area, is this appropriate?

What is the primary variation between the morning area and the drawing place? Thanks in advance!

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Reply by Angela M
Primarily the time of day utilized. The morning place would be for use before luncheon and the drawing area would be for getting website visitors and serving tea in the afternoon. Normally, they would be on opposite sides of the house to get benefit of obtainable daylight-- early morning area on the east aspect, drawing room on the west. That way, the females could do their needlework, reading, and so on.

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