Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why are there never lights in the living room of a home?

Question by trey6z: Why are there never lights in the living room of a residence?
My wife and I recently began hunting for a new house to acquire due to the fact our latest house is as well modest. A single of the issues we seen was there are by no means any light fixtures in the dwelling rooms. Is there a purpose for this style? I believe a single house we noticed had a light in the dwelling place, every other room has a mild, bathroom, bedroom, dining area, cooking area. Whats the deal??

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Answer by doglover
Because people tend to use reading through lamps in the dwelling place. Glaring vibrant overhead lights are not normally appealing in a residing space.

Usually you'll discover a light swap that sales opportunities to an outlet so you can plug a lamp in but turn it on/off as you enter/exit the entrance door.

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