Saturday, July 9, 2011

Which color should I paint my dining room?

Question by Me: Which colour should I paint my dining room?
Permit me paint the scene for you:

Our residing space, dining place, and kitchen are all in a straight line. You can see all 3 rooms from any of the 3 rooms because there are big doorways. Our living place is painted sage green. The accent colours are darkish red, yellow, and light green. The kitchen (on the furthest end) is painted light yellow on 1 wall and dark red on one more wall. If you are standing in the dwelling place, you see the yellow wall. If you are standing in the kitchen area, hunting into the dining place, you see the red wall.

Alright...ample information Which color ought to I paint the dining area? Need to I go a warm coloration to match the other two rooms, or really should I go an earthier coloration to mix it up. What do you think?
Ps...we have a dark oak stained dining space table.

Greatest solution:

Answer by Alfie333
We had a equivalent difficulty and decided to paint the Dining Space making use of "Spanish White"/ It presents the white a slight cream colour, which is quite satisfying and delivers a great contrast for dark furnishings. Get a sample attempt it in an inconspicuous area .See if you like it.

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