Sunday, July 10, 2011

Q&A: Did I have an electric shock?

Question by Nmac: Did I have an electric shock?
Okay, this is unusual so bare with me.
I perform at a buffet as a dining area attendant. Today at perform I went to lift the lids off of our soup pans and as I did all of a sudden the most paralyzing, vibrating shock went by way of equally my arms and rung my ear drums for like two painful seconds.
I considered I was about to pass out and then the relaxation of the day I was good.
I have no burns, no blurred vision, no absolutely nothing.
I will not recognize what occurred to me. I do the very same things everyday and this has never happened prior to. Now, I am afraid to touch something metal at perform. Someone make sure you aid!

Very best answer:

Remedy by Evolving Squid
unless you had been touching two pieces of metal with different arms, it's unlikely it was a shock. I would suggest mentioning it to your medical professional. It could have been a seizure of some sort.

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