Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Having a small dinner party, please help.?

Query by karkee07: Acquiring a little dinner party, make sure you help.?
Saturday my mothers and fathers, brother and his girlfrend and my boyfriends mother and father and his two siblings are coming over for dinner so there will be ten complete. I live in an apartment with not to considerably place. But I am setting up a long rec table in the living space and getting a buffet fashion setting on my small dining room table.

I am pondering about what to make. Chicken, potaotes and pastas are my favoirte issues to make. A couple people dont consume beef and it needs to be "heart healthful" as well.

Any ideas or ideas would be wonderful!
wow the 2nd and third answers are real imaginative.

Finest reply:

Remedy by M ♥ C
for ten people i would do
for pasta i would make two trays of baked ziti or 3 trays stuffed shells ( figure two shells per man or woman)- they hold up properly in a buffet
chicken marsala or francaise - some thing soaking and cooking in a sauce would be excellent to
red roasted potatoes and sauteed green beans in olive oil and garlic sound like a wonderful meal

have a great big salad and rolls!

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