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Best, simple cruise line?

Problem by BuckarooBanzai: Best, easy cruise line?
We have been on 2 Princess Cruises and liked the capacity to try to eat at the 24 hour buffets the total trip (never ever set foot into a dining room, as the exact same meals was in the Horizon Court Buffet).

We genuinely liked the informality of the cruises, and the simplicity of the automatic tipping (the two drinks and space/dining room suggestions...we canceled the dining room ideas and raised the place sum by some since we had been never ever in the dining area).

There was far a lot more enjoyment than we could get pleasure from, so altho it was a good time (particularly the videos under the stars), we have no body of reference to examine the other cruise lines. I observed in the news that Celeb delayed a cruise six hours for a false drug alarm and their concept of compensating the passengers was to give them a lousy $ 15 credit score. So they are off our record. We are retired and in our 50s and DO NOT enjoy dressing up. So what cruiselines do you advocate and why? Thank you!
I by no means had to wait for the buffet on Princess...and they seemed to have different issues every 3 hours. The very first day, we ate at five:thirty and then, soon after really possessing our fill, we found that it had only been "snack" time and the real dinner products would be out at six:00! The complete flexibility was great. So NCL seems a bit far more hard? I just want to broaden our expertise...the only actual complaint we had with Princess was poor ship routine maintenance on the Grand Princess. The 1st cruise was on the Golden Princess, its sister, and it was a good deal much better...
One particular of the good reasons we did not suggestion the dining/meals staff was also that they Constantly ran out of napkins and substituted paper....At minimum 50 percent of the hand sanitizers were usually empty....and we By no means obtained an offer you to carry us a beverage on our 2nd cruise (Grand Princess). All people issues ended up impeccable on the Golden Princess, so we realized it was a ship dilemma as opposed to a systemwide issue. We tipped completely on the Golden, but NOT on the Grand... Individuals on the Golden were also happy and cheerful although the Grand was crammed with sullen workers.
Who retains rating the solutions negatively? I never see any argument that NCL would be a great one particular to check out. I also do not see anything about tipping. Possibly the www.cruisecritic.com will give me much more information. Thanks to all...

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Remedy by chezvira
Royal Caribbean is very similar in tastes to Princess. If you want to go to Tahiti consider the MS Paul Gaugin, it's more country club type with no formal nights. Norwegian also does the eat when you want dining.How about a river cruise? Europe as well as the states has some very good ones for a casual design cruise.

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