Friday, July 8, 2011

What is the best type of rock to make a table top ?

Question by metalpowerr: What is the very best sort of rock to make a table best ?
You are a well-known furnishings designer. One of your clients has requested that you design a dining table with the following needs:

i. the table need to harmonize with the oriental interior d├ęcor of his apartment,
ii. the table leading need to be created of all-natural minerals,
iii. the minerals ought to be in its natural kind (ie. it ought to not be chemically treated and chemical coating should not be applied to the table leading).

After days of putting your inventive juices in action, you managed to style a dining table that is of award-winning quality. Even so, you require to do some analysis on minerals to decide the most ideal one particular to be utilized as the table top rated. Right after finishing the first stage of your investigation, you made the decision to concentrate and investigation even more on the following 3 rock sorts:

i. Metamorphic Rock (Pumice)
ii. Igneous Rock (Marble)
iii. Sedimentary Rock (Sandstone)

Also place in thoughts charge , sturdiness , aesthetics

Finest answer:

Answer by Now and Then Comes a Assumed
Marble is the very best option. It will yield a smoother, less porous, and most likely far more sturdy surface than the other folks. As for harmonizing with the decor, that is a make a difference of aesthetics and certainly not my forte'. Although given a wider choice, a great jade mosaic of a dragon for the table leading would do nicely. Right after all, if I am a popular furnishings designer it can be heading to offer for a bundle anyway, so material expense isn't really that massive of a deal.

BTW, you have pumice discovered as metamorphic and marble as igneous, which is backwards.

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