Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Q&A: What color and finish should I paint my old dresser? I'm leaning towards some different ideas.?

Issue by BonneyBlue: What shade and complete should I paint my old dresser? I am leaning towards some various suggestions.?
I will not actually have a color scheme in my residence to fear about. I was pondering of these colors for feasible options: gray loved ones( light medium or darkish) or a plummy/pinkish/purple. I was contemplating semi-gloss, a tiny luster but nothing blindingly shiny. I may well conclude up making use of it as a buffet server in my dining place. Any assist deciding on colour and complete would be fantastic, Thank you :)
Thank you millwoodsgal, the dresser is not an antique, it can be an unnatractive 70's-80's hand-me-down. I do not want to throw it away, I believe paint and hardware would salvage it. I dwell in a small apartment, the partitions are a creamy offwhite and the carpet is a stormy gray. I will be shifting in a few of years so I wanted to choose a coloration that I would be ready to take with me to one more house. Thank you so considerably for any suggestions.

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Answer by millwoodsgal
When you say previous dresser....I desire you aren't painting an antique dresser. If you just imply aged to you, I would like to know a lot more about the color scheme of the space, not just the dresser itself. You want the area to be a color and the dresser is an accent.

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