Friday, July 8, 2011

Q&A: Need help hooking up new light in dining room?

Query by buttercup2272: Will need aid hooking up new light in dining space?
There are two white and two black wires coming out of the ceiling. This is for (we suppose) two light switches. We hooked the black wire from the light to the two black from the ceiling, and the very same for the white wire. The light came on, but when we used the light change to flip off the light, it blew the breaker.

Then we tried using to hook up 1 black with the black from the light and the white that went with this to the white from the light. The light came on, but we couldn't get it to flip off with the light swap.

So we tried using this with the other pair of black and white wires. The light would not come on at all.

Any ideas on how to get this to operate? (Celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow and require light in the dining room!!)
Looks like we have a bad light switch.

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Answer by RichardM/PremierHomeImprovements
Dear Too A lot of Wires,
What you guys will need to realize is that the change is typically wired to interrupt the scorching (black) wire and that the swap has a black running to it and a white operating from it. When you hook up the two blacks in the ceiling that offers energy to the swap, the fixture goes in between to two whites.

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