Thursday, July 7, 2011

Q&A: Homeschool set-ups! Where does your child homeschool? What room? Dining room table?

Query by Chris: Homeschool set-ups! Where does your child homeschool? What room? Dining space table?
Me and my spouse have a total space in our residence that is the classroom ...we have 2 desks 1 for each of our children. We have a real regular size chalkboard, bulletin boards (that my spouse decorates) we have artwork on the walls ....we have a personal computer desk with 2 aspect by facet pcs for the kids to use. My spouse has her laptop computer to use. We have a large cost duplicate device/ printer and scanner....for all worksheets. We have a reading location, also writing area. I really like it....I was just wondering what variety of set ups other parents have for their homeschooled children? Is it the dining place table? Ours use to be whilst we had been waiting to get our classroom furnishings in. :) God Bless Homeschooling Households! (trigger it can be really a labor of enjoy)

Best remedy:

Solution by Jessie P
We just get ours accomplished either at the kitchen table or (weather conditions permitting) outside at the picnic table.

I have a significant pantry in the utilty place that retains all our college guides and supplies.

We have a single lap top laptop or computer that we all share.

I have a dry erase board mounted on my kitchen area wall to use as required.

I have significant maps mounted on the partitions in the playroom and the utility area, available for reference.

Practically nothing fancy, but it performs for us.

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