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Q&A: Dog etiquette question (long read). What would you have done?

Issue by Heather's mom: Puppy etiquette problem (extended go through). What would you have done?
Previous Saturday we had a small get together here at home. A single of the friends arrived by now fifty percent "in the bag" (which was good since she walked more than). She can be a amusing drunk, in her personal abrasive way and she does have a great heart. But she did some points that concerned my dog that left me steaming mad and I'd like to listen to other canine owners' opinions about it. I will get in touch with this man or woman 'Sue' although that's not her actual identify.

Sue came in with some Xmas gifts, a bottle of wine for us and some rawhide bones for the puppy. We don't usually give our puppy rawhide, and before I'd even had a opportunity to know, Sue gave not a single but two of these bones to our dog. Later on on, the puppy vomitted rawhide chips and had diarrhea the following day.

But wait, there is certainly far more. Let me initial describe some history. I have a Doberman, 8 one/two months outdated. She's high-energy, but properly-educated. She understands commands in two languages plus hand-indicators. She's socialized with other canines (dog park every single weekend) and individuals (typical three walks per day, sits when she greets men and women, such as/particularly little ones and older folks). We've used her to household reunions and parties, visits PetSmart and the beach. She's been to puppy-teaching college, learns new skills rapidly, comes when she's called. She waits for permission before consuming, going by means of the door to get outdoors and won't even barge out of her kennel. She gets supervised like a toddler who can nevertheless get into difficulty but is by-and-significant turning into a lot more trustworthy each day. I work from residence, and set up a sleeping pad for her in which at any time I am that day.

Permit me now describe Sue's dogs. A chocolate lab approx four many years and a PBxGreat Dane approx 3 a long time. They never go for walks since they are also unruly on a leash, so they get exercise with every other enjoying in their fenced-in property. If anybody walks by, they are loud barkers (I've heard their neighbours will not appreciate this). Sue can not have functions since their dogs are as well wired, jumpy and bitey. My husband, who loves huge canines, has been about to their property to aid with their laptop or computer and even he feels uncomfortable with the degree of nipping. I've been in their home only as soon as, and noticed the dogs demanding cookies by pawing at the cupboard, Sue caves in and provides them cookies "to be tranquil." Needless to say this does not take place, they retain begging/demanding.

So let's get back again to my get together. My pup was out meeting people but primarily contained in the family-space which is dog-proofed. I had to go go to to some items in the kitchen so I place her back again in her kennel. Inside minutes, Sue had let my canine out of her kennel and my puppy was heading towards the dining room, in which there was a buffet table with foods at Dobie-nose peak correct inside attain. I caught her in time and put her again in her kennel and asked Sue what she assumed she was performing. She explained she felt sorry for my puppy and explained I run a boot-camp and referred to as me a Nazi (her phrases not mine). She stated it in a drunk-joking tone but I didn't discover this humorous. Several other individuals witnessed it as nicely. In the interest of not wrecking my party I didn't confront her back.

She could have been joking or forgotten about this, but I have not.

So my problem is, canine owners, what would you have carried out? Am I justified in becoming mad? Ought to I just ignore this and get more than it (Sue probably has)? Sue retains inviting me to provide my dog more than to her place for a play-date with her dogs but frankly I never want to and have been generating excuses not to. If you think I'm out of line, let me know, I'm open to all views.

Many thanks.
Edit: LovemyMeyer, she puked up rawhide chips. And she had not been eating nearly anything else, she was in my sight all evening other than that. But many thanks for your reply.
LovemyMeyer, you've definitely been outvoted. My puppy was beside me up right up until I place her back again in her kennel, when I had to set out some much more meals for my guests. I'm not sure what variety of no cost-for-all functions you throw, but mine are really civilized (other than this one guest, unfortunately). I hope your new year brings you calm and bliss, you are going to be in my prayers.

Everyone else thanks for your responses. I will not likely kick this neighbour to the curb, I will have a chat with her when she's sober. If she nevertheless can't abide by the policies we've set for our puppy, she will not likely be invited about any more. If she apologizes for what she referred to as me, she'll be forgiven.

Best remedy:

Remedy by Love my Meyer
Well, I feel you are a tiny out of line. My mom in legislation brought my puppy rawhide, my canine ate it and I didn't care. Also my dog is qualified that when people are eating he lays on the floor so my puppy is not in a crate even though people are above ingesting. You may possibly consider your dog is properly educated but genuinely it is not. She was consuming which you already know, she did not imply any hurt. Get over it. Wow are individuals going to have to get in touch with you and request you what they can get for your dog for x-mas. I am sure your puppy eats much even worse points than rawhide. As well as how do you know that the runs and puke have been from the raw conceal, if you had a great deal of men and women more than they could of been feeding him junk all evening. So actually if this individual is your good friend allow it go ahead of you ruin a friendship for no purpose at all.

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