Sunday, July 3, 2011

Nice Dining Room Table: Water rings from glasses. (1) How Fix? (2) How Protect?

Query by remoteportal: Wonderful Dining Place Table: Water rings from eyeglasses. (1) How Fix? (two) How Shield?
We purchased a very good used dining area table set for $ 1K.

Now we have obtained 6 or seven drinking water rings. I guess we never know how to protect our furniture?

The table has nice textures and designs. I wonder if we could sand out the water rings we have developed? What is the very best method?

Second, I never want to place down plastic or glass (we'd have to acquire Three different variations based on how a lot of leaves we put in at any presented time to lengthen it). Is there an oil or chemical we can put in to seal the wood so the condensation from the eyeglasses no more time puts h2o rings on the table?

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Answer by mommymich
You could check out the item listed below. It labored on my night time stand. For prevention you should use coasters or thick location mats. Which I know is probably not desired since you expended a grand on the table. Who would want to cover it up!? But, they do make pretty wonderful searching coasters nowadays.

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