Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is it important to have the furniture in the living room and dining room match up, if both rooms are connected

Question by pat: Is it important to have the furnishings in the living place and dining room match up, if each rooms are related
In the dining room, I want a dark wood/glass table with darkish wood/black leather chairs.

In the living space, I have a green couch and want glass/metal coffee table.

The living area and dining space are in the same space (open concept) back to back again. Does this color scheme match ?

Best solution:

Response by johnb693
Hey this is your house, beautify it, as you want, not an individual elses dictates.
If they inquire about your fashion, just tell them it is Eclectic.
How uninteresting is it, to have every little thing match up? Include a dash of coloration, here and there, with a foot stool, or modest table.
If you like what you have, and you should have liked them when you purchased them, then you will adore your location all the much more.

What do you feel? Response beneath!

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