Thursday, July 7, 2011

How would you feel about a country that sanctions such policies?

Problem by michardav: How would you come to feel about a nation that sanctions these policies?
Do you agree with Israeli policy in the direction of the occupied territories? Do you consider it is appropriate that an Israeli soldier would go unpunished right after shooting a mom in her personal residing place, with her kids external screaming as IDF soldiers avoid them from likely to her? Do you think it is right for soldiers to shoot men cuffed and on their knees? Or detaining and subjecting young children to torture? Do you consider it is improper to loathe the perpetrators of these kinds of horrendous crimes, or the energy behind the power that enables it to occur?
@Zoom Zoomyea I heard about that poor 13 year previous, tragic...possibly if his father had not been caught planting explosives at two Palestinian colleges in Jerusalem, it would not have transpired, but kids ought to not be punished for the sins of their fathers.
As for produced up stories my apoligies, the woman was not shot, she was blown up
IDF shoots cuffed gentleman
torture of Palestinian children in Israeli security forces custody
If you have been a good human being you would apoligize for calling me a liar.
@basic simon- the solution is "simple" Israel drove Palestinians out of land in the occupeid territories and Jerusalem (clearing out 50 % of the Christian Palestinians in the town BTW) for JEWISH ONLY settlements. These men and women had been then concentrated in the West Bank. The population of Dharfur has also elevated because 1967, absolutely you might be not suggesting that THEY are much better off? What about Tibetans?
And if Palestinians had been the Vast majority in Judea and Samaria, then exactly who ended up they liberated from? Ironic that you would use Samaria, several posters (you as nicely) keep proclaiming that due to the fact there was no country named Palestine et cetra...effectively when was there actually a place named "Samaria"?
@roan, as you noticed I did proper the story, and sure the kids ended up separated type their mother and you forgot to point out that the individuals in the home had done absolutely nothing mistaken.
I can not believe you would condone shooting a handcuffed gentleman for spitting. Does everybody right here come to feel that way? Observe you did not comment on the torture of children. Regrettably there are several a lot more examples. How on earth can Hamas contact an ambulance for hurt Israelis? And these events were in the West Financial institution BTW. How can you justify these steps?

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Answer by lexmlo
People are gonna say that never occurred and that Israel has never ever and will never ever do this kind of things and that the IDF AKA occupation army is the most ethical army in the world. but screw them..I feel Israel is not a country ,it really is a group of terrorist organizations led by the military.but legally speaking Israel is a terrorist state.

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