Sunday, July 10, 2011

Any ideas for a fancy dining table center piece?

Question by dianne: Any ideas for a fancy dining table center piece?
ok so me and my husband just bought a really fancy table for the dining room. Its light brown and dark brown marble... its nice and all but i need a fancy centerpiece. something that doesnt take up alot of room. i would really appreciate sum ideas or a website. PLZ help extra points for the best answer! THANX!

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Answer by mamado
Go to :

The first one is a Kathy Ireland piece for $ 150.00 You could make this for well under 20. Buy one of those glass vases (they come in contemporary and traditional shapes, a couple of higher end florals and a branch or two. These are available in many craft stores, Joannes, Michaels etc
You could also use one of these vases and place a big fat candle in it.

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