Thursday, June 2, 2011

Any tips for decorating a home on a tight budget?

Question by Sugarcookie: Any tips for decorating a home on a tight budget?
We have been remodeling our home and now it is time to decorate it. Everything I like is out of our budget. Anyone have any tips, websites, stores, etc. to get a big look for little money.

We have wood floors, ceramic tile, and carpeting throughout, all about 6 months old. I have also painted all the walls (no white here!) I just need some tips for decorating with accessories on a tight budget, as the majority of the money was spent on the actual contruction, flooring, trim, and new furniture.

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Answer by M P
If you have the time thrift stores, and yard sales and ebay might do the trick. You just have to look.
If you can sew a little you could do drapes & slip covers or pillow covers. Fabrics are on sale right now too. And you can add a valance to make it look special and tiebacks of same/contrasting colors or design. In our area the dollar stores carry less expensive rods and curtains, bedspreads, etc. that are not that bad really.
Sometimes repainting a piece of furniture works well too.
On a budget things will take longer, but you can put together a totally "you" look and after all your house is for you not your neighbors/friends. Good Luck & Have Fun

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