Thursday, June 2, 2011

My niece is afraid of the dining room light....?

Question by Jackie: My niece is frightened of the dining space light....?
She is two a long time old. She addresses her eyes and states "it really is okay". We check out and not to have the light on when shes about but often its just unaviodable like when we are ingesting at night time. My mom states we should allow her cry and force her to get employed to it. I genuinely never like listening to her cry. I adore my niece to death. How can I assist her rid this? Thanks in advance.
No shes not frightened of every thing only vacuum cleaners and the dining area light. I love my neice thats why Im making an attempt to come across a way to support her.
Its one particular that is kind of in the ceiling and arrives with a control to dim it. She even now crys when it is dimmed reduced.
Its only the light in the dining area.

Greatest remedy:

Remedy by heidielizabeth69
Get some lamps for the place, that really should assist. Great luck.

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